Bowditch Point Park Pleasures

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We’re ecstatic you are with us at Gulfview Manor on Fort Myers Beach, Florida!  Whether it’s your first visit with us or you are a seasoned guest, we want you to get the most of your visit in spectacular southwest Florida!  While our condos are all the rave with guests old and young alike, and we honorably hold a 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, we know our guests want to venture out from the splendor of our pristine beaches and ‘at home’ accommodations to discover and explore!

One of the most touted places on Fort Myers Beach is Bowditch Point Park.  Renowned as one of Florida’s greatest birding and wildlife trails, this mere 18 acre park overflows with wildlife!  Visitors have spotted out Gopher Tortoises, Starfish, Plovers, Pelicans, and much much more!  The convergence of mangrove swamps, the beach, mudflats and salt marshes guarantee diversity around every corner.

Bowditch Point Park makes a delightful respite from the mainstream attractions and crowd excitement of Fort Myers Beach, offering short round trip trails to walk from 7 am until dusk every day of the year. Take a short stroll and gain a new appreciation for all things wild and natural in our slice of paradise on Fort Myers Beach. Parking is available for private vehicles, but a trolley can bring you down Estero Boulevard for a family friendly picnic at the picnic shelter, a leisurely swim or walk on the beach, or to take advantage of our customized tours.  Kayaks, canoes and bikes are available for rent, providing an ideal day of outdoor entertainment regardless which way you decide to go.
A delightful day, or evening, awaits at Bowditch Point Park, where many of our guests go to unwind from doing the “vacation hustle”.  Its close proximity makes this park an easy choice, but it’s beauty will provide a lifetime of enchanting memories.  Come explore, and find your ideal family or couples moment with us, at Bowditch Point Park.

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Step back in time at the Edison­Ford Winter Estates

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Edison-Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers.

Southwest Florida has so much to offer travelers and locals as well. We are so lucky to have so many fantastic attractions in our area that it’s hard to recommend just one to a traveler looking around for things to do that don’t involve the beach. One of the most interesting places anyone can agree upon as a premier attraction for both young and old alike would be the Edison-Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. Two of the nation’s most prominent innovators and businessmen not only were the best of friends, but had their Winter homes next to each other in Fort Myers. Located just a short scenic drive from Fort Myers Beach the Estates are not just an historic house tour, they are a wonderful opportunity to explore our past in terms of how people lived and worked and so much more.

Thomas Edison, famous inventor of the light bulb, phonograph, all things electric and so many thousands of other things used our temperate climate for among other things, horticulture. He was trying to come up with a substitute for the expensive importation of rubber from Asia. Although this became a fruitless endeavor he built a laboratory on his estate where he worked every day of Winter on this and other inventions. This horticultural heritage has been carried on in the gardens of the grounds. His wife Mina was an avid gardener and created a tropical wonderland that can be seen today.

Henry Ford of automotive fame bought the house next door to his friend and wintered in Fort Myers as well. Using his automobiles the two toured the entire area including Fort Myers Beach.

The Estates feature a wonderful museum with automobiles and artifacts, tour guides will take you through the grounds explaining how life was lived pre-air-conditioning in Southwest Florida, something you need not worry about these days and can appreciate as you return to your lovely accommodation at Gulfview Manor! Check out their website for full listings of events at the time of your stay to fully maximize your visit!

2350 McGregor Blvd. · Fort Myers, FL 33901 · Phone: 239-334-7419

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Make your Day Trip a Wild One!

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Did you know that you are just a hop, skip and a jump from the Florida Everglades?

Enhance your Florida vacation or getaway with a day trip off island into the heart of one of the most beautiful natural habitats in the United States.

How do you get there? There are several tour companies that offer exciting adventures in the Glades. You can just jump in the car and head South on route 41 and stop off at any number of Airboat rides and roadside attractions.

One company that caters after you is Everglades Adventures. They will even come and pick you up, meaning worry free transportation to and from the Everglades– with your fun starting immediately after boarding the roomy air conditioned bus with the informative and entertaining tour guides.

So what can you see and what is there to do in the Everglades? Pure Nature! Air Boat rides are always a blast. As you glide over the water on the Sea of Grass you will find yourself in one of the most thrilling experiences ever. Guides take you to places that are not accessible except by Airboat and explain the animal life and of course alligators!

Swamp Buggy rides are a thrill that you will never forget! Here you get a slower tour and explanation of the incredible nature and wildlife around you. Black Bears, white tailed deer, raccoons and you guessed it, more alligators abound.

The Interactive Animal Experience is awesome! Hold a fifty pound snake, tropical parrots, macaws, tortoises and more alligators!

The Nature Drive is a wonderful ride through a cypress swamp in the Everglades. You will learn how to identify native flora like bromeliad, Spanish moss, epiphytes, the cypress trees and of course many types of palms, viewing the ecosystem as a whole.

Take a trip to the wild side during your stay at Gulfview Manor!

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The Mound House: A Fort Myers Beach “Must-Do”!

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What can you do when the Beach is not beckoning? I know! How is that possible?
Well one suggestion for the traveler weary of sun and sand is Fort Myers Beach’s own Mound House!

Besides being one of Florida’s most popular, fun and exciting beach destinations, Fort Myers Beach (Estero Island) is home to a long rich history that starts back 12,000 years ago during a time when the Ice Age melted the Earth’s ice so much so that our western boundary reached out at least 100 miles. The inhabitants at that time were called the Paleo-Indians. As the ice caps thawed and the shoreline moved to current day boundaries the Native Calusa Tribe settled on Fort Myers Beach. These hunters and agricultural workers created a great nation, but what is left of this civilization long vanished? They created mounds of shells which they then used as structures such as temples, some of which could hold up to 2000 people. One of these mounds still exists here on the island and you can explore this today!

The Mound House offers you a glimpse into the past life on our island. The property’s many inhabitants built, modified, remodeled and restored the structure many times in the last 100 years. Many and varied owners all left their stamp on the property, house and the island as a whole. Archaeological activity has been an on-going process of the years, but a unique experience is served up on this site. As an in-ground swimming pool had been added in the 1950’s and then removed at a later date, this gave archaeologists a fantastic opportunity to get a look at the layers of the mound itself and research the life and times of our Native communities from long ago.

So come join us at the Mound House on Fort Myers Beach, the historic site is located just 2.6 miles away from our front doors. Guided tours are available every Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday from 10 am until 1:30pm.

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Gulfview Manor: Discover Fort Myers Beach Trolley!

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We know you visit Gulfview Manor for the relaxed, island lifestyle. To live without worries or stress is the Fort Myers Beach way, and we are dedicated to making your stay as easy, breezy as we can!

You may or may not know, but navigating in a car on Estero Island can be quite a feat, especially during the high season. We recommend you put your road worries behind you and to hop aboard the Fort Myers Beach Trolley!

The Trolley services the entire island, from east to west, and has stops all along the beach. You can even head off island if you wish. Traffic congestion can be avoided by taking the trolley, which has designated trolley lanes on certain stretches of Estero Blvd. Take into account that the trolley does cost .50 cents per ride, but compare that to paying upwards of $10-$20 dollars for parking along the beach. Day passes and discounts are also available. There is plenty of room on the trolley to bring your favorite beach toys, chairs and even bicycles.

The Fort Myers beach trolley has 7 stops total, which allows for accessibility of all major areas of the island. Stop 3 is located in the heart of Time Square, the central entertainment and dining hub of the beach. Stop 5 takes you to the world-renowned state park, Lovers Key. You’ll never have to wait long to catch a ride, a trolley will come around about every 30 minutes.

From our front door at Gulfview Manor, it is a fairly quick walk to the closest stop. We urge you to hop aboard the Fort Myers Beach trolley and allow yourself to take in the sights and relax- we know you won’t regret it!
For a full list of prices, schedules, locations and map please click here.

For further questions, contact LeeTran at (239) LEE-TRAN (533-8726) and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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