Step back in time at the Edison­Ford Winter Estates

Edison-Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers.

Southwest Florida has so much to offer travelers and locals as well. We are so lucky to have so many fantastic attractions in our area that it’s hard to recommend just one to a traveler looking around for things to do that don’t involve the beach. One of the most interesting places anyone can agree upon as a premier attraction for both young and old alike would be the Edison-Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. Two of the nation’s most prominent innovators and businessmen not only were the best of friends, but had their Winter homes next to each other in Fort Myers. Located just a short scenic drive from Fort Myers Beach the Estates are not just an historic house tour, they are a wonderful opportunity to explore our past in terms of how people lived and worked and so much more.

Thomas Edison, famous inventor of the light bulb, phonograph, all things electric and so many thousands of other things used our temperate climate for among other things, horticulture. He was trying to come up with a substitute for the expensive importation of rubber from Asia. Although this became a fruitless endeavor he built a laboratory on his estate where he worked every day of Winter on this and other inventions. This horticultural heritage has been carried on in the gardens of the grounds. His wife Mina was an avid gardener and created a tropical wonderland that can be seen today.

Henry Ford of automotive fame bought the house next door to his friend and wintered in Fort Myers as well. Using his automobiles the two toured the entire area including Fort Myers Beach.

The Estates feature a wonderful museum with automobiles and artifacts, tour guides will take you through the grounds explaining how life was lived pre-air-conditioning in Southwest Florida, something you need not worry about these days and can appreciate as you return to your lovely accommodation at Gulfview Manor! Check out their website for full listings of events at the time of your stay to fully maximize your visit!

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