Water Safety on Fort Myers Beach

Ahh, summer! Nothing like taking a dip in the pool or going for a swim in the Gulf to get in that summertime mood. With a private, resort guest only pool and a location just steps from the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, part of the fun of a Gulf View Manor getaway is enjoying the water. This summer, and really, all year long, we want our guests to be educated and well versed in the best water safety practices to maximize the fun and eliminate the chances of a water accident.

Know Your Limits

Swimming is so much fun — but if you’re not a good swimmer or you’re just learning to swim, don’t go in water too deep. Make sure you can always touch the ground. Also, swim at your own pace, don’t try to keep up with skilled swimmers.

If you are a skilled swimmer that is comfortable in the water, look out for your friends and family who may not be quite as comfortable. If it seems like they (or you) are getting tired or a little uneasy, help them out and offer to take a break with them.

Buddy Up!

Always swim with a partner. Whether you’re swimming in a backyard pool or in a lake. Even experienced swimmers can become tired or get muscle cramps, which might make it difficult to get out of the water. When people swim together, they can help each other or go for help in case of an emergency.

Be Prepared

Learning some life-saving skills, such as CPR and rescue techniques, can help you save a life.

Swim In Safe Areas, Avoid Currents

When Swimming in an open body of water, such as the Gulf, you need more energy to handle the currents and other changing conditions in the open water. If you find yourself caught in a current, don’t panic and don’t fight the current. Try to swim parallel to the shore until you can get out of the current, which is usually a narrow channel of water. Gradually try to make your way back to shore as you do so. If you’re unable to swim away from the current, stay calm and float with the current. The current will usually slow down, then you can swim to shore.

Watch the Sun and Stay Hydrated

The summer sun can get intense on Fort Myers Beach and the sun reflecting off the water or sand can intensify the rays. Apply and reapply sunscreen for the entire duration of time you are outside. You may not know you are getting burned until it is too late. Cover up, wear a hat, UV protective sunglasses and any shade you may have! In the intense heat, it is easy to get dehydrated, especially if you are active and sweating. Bring plenty of water with you to the beach to prevent dehydration. If you feel dizzy, lightheaded or nauseous, you may be experiencing dehydration and/or overheating.

Now that you’ve brushed up on the best water safety tips—get out there and enjoy the waters of Fort Myers Beach!